Saturday, March 2, 2013

Indoor Water Park: Here We Come

I was in a car accident on Dec. 17th, and I had to have my car towed to a shop to have it fixed.  I was working, so it was just me, and I was perfectly fine!

My parents were so generous and let me borrow my dad's work car to drive since I needed it to work. After a month, I called the insurance company to see what the hold up was and they had no idea my car was still at the shop. Herein lies the problem with not having rental insurance. We got it all straightened out and the repairs began. FINALLY, a month later, I was able to return my dad's car.

We were so lucky that my sister and her family were enjoying a weekend at a resort near Tyler, and invited us to come spend the day with them at the indoor water park. We certainly couldn't turn that down, so off we went to take the car to her to drive back to San Antonio, and MAYBE have a little fun too!

We watched these two pictures happen OVER AND OVER!!!

We stopped for a snack of Gatorade and chips!  Who knew swimming makes you hungry???

 These two girls LOVE each other!!!
We had a blast! We got to visit and enjoy time with family we don't see NEAR often enough!

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